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DisAbility Rights Idaho

Board of Directors Job Description

The DisAbility Rights Idaho Board of Directors is the governing body of the organization. The Board is responsible for setting overall direction, making policy
decisions, establishing long range plans, hiring and evaluating the Executive Director, monitoring compliance with financial and legal requirements, insuring that the goals and programs of the organization remain faithful to its mission, insuring that adequate financial resources are secured to carry out the work of the organization, and providing continued volunteer leadership for the nonprofit corporation. The organization cannot function either legally or practically without a knowledgeable, hardworking, and enthusiastic Board.

Position Title:

Member of the Board of Directors


Members are elected to serve for a two-year term, with a maximum eligibility of three terms. Members attend quarterly meetings of the Board of Directors. Each member should serve on at least one standing committee of the Board. Members participate in policy making at both the general and committee levels. They also monitor activities of the Executive Director in carrying out program priorities, goals, objectives and policies set by the Board. Members represent the organization in the community when appropriate and assist the organization gain needed community support by exercising
personal and professional contacts whenever possible. Members should accept leadership positions on the Board as appropriate.


Members must be at least 18 years of age and a resident of the State of Idaho. Members should have an interest in the programs and goals of the organization and in disability issues in general. Experience or knowledge in any of the following areas would also be beneficial: business management, finance, personnel, law, program development, evaluation, public relations, or fund raising. The members should represent the geographical, ethnic/cultural, economic, age and disability diversity of Idaho.

Time Commitment:

The Board of Directors’ business meetings are held quarterly, usually on either the third or fourth Saturday in January, April, June and September. These are day-long meetings and are usually held in Boise. Attendance at these meetings is requisite to being a
member of the Board of Directors. Approximately one hour per month is required for committee work, plus one hour
preparation time for all meetings. Executive officers and committee chairs also attend Executive Committee meetings by teleconference in the third week of each month in which a full Board meeting is not held. Additional time appropriate to the individual
member’s assumption of responsibilities would also be required.

Training Provided:

There is half-day orientation session held the Friday before the September Board meeting. On-going training is conducted as needed. Opportunities to attend
conferences and workshops related to the activities of the organization will be offered as funding allows. Board members will be surveyed annually prior to the September meeting for input concerning education, orientation and other training topics. Following the elections at the June meeting, newly elected officers will be invited to attend the July and August Executive Committee meetings and any other appropriate committee meetings. Outgoing officers should mentor incoming officers during the three months prior to their taking office.

Revised and adopted by the DRI Board of Directors June 22, 2013
Updated to comply with by-law amendment of 06/25/2017

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