Sandy’s Story

I am Sandy* and I now use a wheelchair because of a recent accident.  When it came time to purchase a wheelchair, I knew getting the right one was important for my recovery.  My doctors and therapists recommended an ultra-lightweight wheelchair.  This wheelchair was necessary because it provided the right seating system and allowed me to use it for longer periods without tiring.  It also would prevent damage to my arms and shoulders caused by repetitive use. Medicaid, however, saw it differently and only agreed to fund a heavier wheelchair without the proper seating system.  I tried to fight this … Continue reading Sandy’s Story

Stephanie’s Story

My name is Stephanie and thanks to DRI I have a job, medical coverage, and money to pay my mortgage. If you have ever faced being sick, unemployed, and without medical coverage, you know how desperate I felt.  Carpel tunnel syndrome caused me to lose my job and medical coverage.  Therefore, I could not pay for the surgery needed to correct it.   I applied for Social Security benefits but was denied.  I felt sure I would be homeless soon! I heard about DisAbility Rights Idaho and called right away.  A DRI attorney agreed to appeal my Social Security denial.  She … Continue reading Stephanie’s Story

Jeremy’s Story

We are the parents of Jeremy, a wonderful child with a disability.  We struggled over the years to find the best educational setting for him.  For many reasons, he did not do well in the public school.  He disliked school and his behaviors showed it.  After searching for the right setting, a private school agreed to accept him if he could have Medicaid funded services in the school. He began to make progress and was happy.   But this was all about to end when Medicaid announced it was changing its rules and would stop funding his needed therapies at his … Continue reading Jeremy’s Story

Elana’s Story

I am Elana*, a young mother and student.  For several years I experienced the deterioration of my facial muscles as a result of a rare disease.  This disease caused me severe pain and I felt embarrassed by this disfigurement.  My school work and ability to mother suffered.  My doctor finally recommended plastic surgery to ease the pain, stop the deterioration, and restore my face.  I did not imagine that Medicaid would deny this surgery because it was considered “cosmetic.” My doctor and I tried unsuccessfully to convince Medicaid that the surgery was medically necessary for me.  I desperately needed legal … Continue reading Elana’s Story

Donald’s Story

My name is Donald* and I am a young man who is completing high school and learning to live on my own.  I asked DisAbility Rights Idaho to help me change my guardian. Nobody knew it for a long time, but I was severely abused in my guardian’s home.  At first, she was my foster care parent.  Later, she became my legal guardian and service provider. She also abused a girl who lived with me.  Finally, someone took me out of the home and now I live with someone who is nice to me. I called DRI because this person … Continue reading Donald’s Story

Anna’s Story

I’m Anna*.  I’m 22 years old and have experienced learning disabilities all my life.  I called DisAbility Rights Idaho after the Idaho Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (IDVR) closed my case.  I was getting services from IDVR to help me with college.  My original goal was to complete a college certificate program at Idaho State University. When I finished the certificate program, I realized I was only seven credits away from an Associate of Arts degree.  I knew I’d have a lot more job opportunities with an AA degree instead of a certificate, so I asked IDVR to help me get … Continue reading Anna’s Story

Anne and Garrett’s Story

Anne’s Story Anne is the single mother of Garrett – a beautiful, brown-eyed, 15-year-old with a disability. Professionals have not been able to diagnose Garrett, so there is no name for what he has. He has autistic behaviors. He also has flat feet, so he must wear orthotics and he has scoliosis, so he must wear a brace 20 hours per day. Garrett also experiences myoclonic epilepsy (short jerks or spasms), treated with medication twice daily. He cannot dress himself, brush his hair or teeth or bathe himself. He must be supervised at all times, because he likes to pull … Continue reading Anne and Garrett’s Story

Jo Ellen’s Story

At Chanukah, we Jews say “A great miracle happened here.”  My miracle came about through DisAbility Rights Idaho. Imagine receiving a letter from the IRS stating you owe them $48,000.  WOW! That would catch your attention, wouldn’t it?  Well, I received a letter like that from Social Security Disability in June 2008.  They told me I had earned eleven dollars over their limit in April of 2004.  For some reason, they were just catching it.  So I owed them all monies paid to me for my disability since then.  They did not dispute my dual disabilities.  The issue was earning … Continue reading Jo Ellen’s Story

Supported Employment Opportunities Open Up for People with Disabilities in Idaho: A Court Decision, a State Law Change, and a Little Known Opportunity

Opportunities for Medicaid funded job training and support services are opening up in the next few weeks. It is important for people to know how to get access to them. Community Supported Employment (CSE) is a Medicaid Home and Community Based Waiver service (HCBS). Adults who qualify for either the Developmental Disability (DD) waiver or the “Aged and Disabled” (A&D) waiver may be able to benefit from the service. CSE provides intense, usually one to one, on the job training and support from a “job coach”. 1.   The Court Decision: The Idaho Federal District Court has certified a class action … Continue reading Supported Employment Opportunities Open Up for People with Disabilities in Idaho: A Court Decision, a State Law Change, and a Little Known Opportunity

Shocking Behavioral Therapy – The Safety and Effectiveness of Using Electric Shock Devices for Behavior Management

  I am including the Comments form The National Disability Rights Network on the safety and effectiveness of electroshock devices as a supposed “treatment” for autism and other developmental disabilities.  Please submit a comment if you have experience with this awful practice. April 14, 2014   Avena RussellCenter for Devices and Radiological HealthFood and Drug Administration10903 New Hampshire Ave., Bldg. 66, Rm. 1535Silver Spring MD 20993-0002 Re: Written Testimony for Neurological Devices Panel of the FDA Medical Devices Advisory Committee, Docket No. FDA-2014-N-0238, Schedule for public meeting on April 24, 2014  Dear Ms. Russell, The National Disability Rights Network (NDRN) appreciates … Continue reading Shocking Behavioral Therapy – The Safety and Effectiveness of Using Electric Shock Devices for Behavior Management