Donald’s Story

My name is Donald* and I am a young man who is completing high school and learning to live on my own.  I asked DisAbility Rights Idaho to help me change my guardian.

Nobody knew it for a long time, but I was severely abused in my guardian’s home.  At first, she was my foster care parent.  Later, she became my legal guardian and service provider. She also abused a girl who lived with me.  Finally, someone took me out of the home and now I live with someone who is nice to me.

I called DRI because this person was still my guardian and was not giving me my money. I was also scared I would have to live with her again. I told DRI I did not want her to be my guardian anymore.  A DRI attorney met with me and explained how I could change my guardian.  She also told me that I had the right to make many decisions myself.

I am excited because my court hearing will be soon. I will be getting a new guardian. This guardian will only be able to make medical decisions for me. I will be able to make lots of my own decisions.  I am trying to get a job and earn more money. I like making choices about what I want to do and how to spend my money.  Because of DRI, I will have the guardian I want and will no longer worry about being safe.

* Name changed to protect privacy.

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