Sandy’s Story

I am Sandy* and I now use a wheelchair because of a recent accident.  When it came time to purchase a wheelchair, I knew getting the right one was important for my recovery.  My doctors and therapists recommended an ultra-lightweight wheelchair.  This wheelchair was necessary because it provided the right seating system and allowed me to use it for longer periods without tiring.  It also would prevent damage to my arms and shoulders caused by repetitive use.

Medicaid, however, saw it differently and only agreed to fund a heavier wheelchair without the proper seating system.  I tried to fight this decision on my own and even represented myself at the hearing.   When I lost the appeal, I knew I needed legal help and called DisAbility Rights Idaho.  The DRI attorney agreed to accept my case.  She convinced Medicaid to look at my request again.  My therapists provided more information to Medicaid and finally the ultra-lightweight wheelchair was approved.

Independence means everything to me and getting this wheelchair will help me reach my goal of being as independent as possible.  DRI is awesome!

* Name changed to protect privacy.

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