Stephanie’s Story

My name is Stephanie and thanks to DRI I have a job, medical coverage, and money to pay my mortgage.

If you have ever faced being sick, unemployed, and without medical coverage, you know how desperate I felt.  Carpel tunnel syndrome caused me to lose my job and medical coverage.  Therefore, I could not pay for the surgery needed to correct it.   I applied for Social Security benefits but was denied.  I felt sure I would be homeless soon!

I heard about DisAbility Rights Idaho and called right away.  A DRI attorney agreed to appeal my Social Security denial.  She also told me I might be eligible for services from the Idaho Division of Vocational Rehabilitation.  Fortunately, I was eligible and this agency paid for my surgery and helped me find part-time work. Later, the DRI attorney won my Social Security appeal.

My life started to come back together.  I needed the extra money from work, but I was afraid that if I worked, I would lose my Social Security and Medicaid coverage.  Luckily, DRI also helps people learn about special Social Security and Medicaid programs that allow people to work and still receive benefits.  I can work part-time and receive some monthly benefits and Medicaid.  DRI told me that I when I am ready to work full-time, I can still keep my Medicaid.

I am very thankful to DRI for helping me in so many ways!

* Name changed to protect privacy

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