This is my MIRACLE story. I was so impressed by DisAbility Rights Idaho. Now I am a fully functioning person (on her meds), contributing at a job and at my synagogue.

Welcome to DisAbility Rights Idaho!


DisAbility Rights Idaho is one of Idaho’s oldest and most effective human rights organizations. Founded in 1977, for our first 30 years we were known by the acronym Co-Ad for Comprehensive Advocacy. We are a non-profit, advocacy agency serving people with disabilities in Idaho. Advocacy means to speak on behalf of a person or a cause. It comes from a Latin root meaning “to give voice to”. DRI gives people with disabilities a voice to assert and defend their own rights through information, education and individual assistance. We give people a voice in court through legal representation. We give people a voice in government through public policy advocacy. We advocate for all people with disabilities in Idaho regardless of the type of disability or the age of the person. We help people with disabilities to: address abuse and neglect; obtain services and supports they need to live, work and play in their own homes and communities; get an appropriate education; access to health care; find and use vocational services and get support for employment; redress discrimination; and achieve equal access to buildings and services. Please explore our site, comment on our work and our priorities, and support our important mission. James R. Baugh, Executive Director DisAbility Rights Idaho