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The Idaho Health Care Plan (IHCP) is a unique and innovative approach to extending opportunities for affordable health insurance coverage to some Idahoans in the ...continue reading "The Idaho Health Care Plan Using State Innovation Waivers to Increase Access to Health Care"

DisAbility Rights Idaho is Idaho’s Protection and Advocacy System for people with disabilities.  We provide advocacy, legal assistance and public policy analysis on behalf of ...continue reading "Comments on Idaho State Innovation Medicaid Waiver (§1115) Application for People with Complex Medical Needs."


Idaho’s Office of Performance Evaluation (OPE) just released its report on the Idaho Medicaid managed care contract with Optum Idaho, the Idaho Behavioral Health Plan. ...continue reading "OPE Evaluated the Optum Medicaid Behavioral Health Contract, but Not the Outcomes for People with Mental Illness"

Idahoans with Disabilities in the Health Insurance Gap: The Healthy Idaho Plan Contrary to popular opinion, not all Idahoans with disabilities, living in poverty, are ...continue reading "Healthy Idaho Plan Position Paper"


DRI was asked to provide testimony to the Idaho Advisory Committee of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights concerning Idaho's mental health system and compliance with ...continue reading "Idaho’s Mental Health System and the ADA “Integration Mandate”"

Implementation of Idaho’s Medicaid Managed Mental Health Contract with Optum Health, Inc. has had a rocky start and has resulted in some major changes in ...continue reading "Psychosocial Rehabilitation and the Idaho Medicaid Managed Care Contract"