Educate, advocate, investigate, and litigate to protect and advance the rights of Idahoans with disabilities.


Congress created a nationwide Protection and Advocacy System for People with Developmental Disabilities in the Developmental Disabilities Assistance and Bill of Rights Act of 1975. Today, there is a protection and advocacy system operating in every state and territory of the United States, in Washington D.C., and for Native Americans. Congress has expanded the authority of the Protection and Advocacy Systems to serve all disabilities.

DisAbility Rights Idaho is Idaho’s designated Protection and Advocacy System for people with disabilities.

In 1977, Co-Ad, Inc. was established as the Protection and Advocacy System to carry out this new federal mandate in the State of Idaho. In 2009, Co-Ad, Inc., a.k.a. Comprehensive Advocacy, Inc., changed its name to DisAbility Rights Idaho.



An Idaho where people are empowered, voices are heard, equity is achieved, and differences are celebrated.



We are accountable for our actions, accountable to clients & each other

We are bound by the Idaho Rules of Professional Conduct & Rules of Civility

We are honest, truthful & transparent in our interactions

We comply with all confidentiality provisions in our grants & ethics rules

We are respectful in our interactions & act with humility



We act professionally & respectfully in our internal teams, with clients & with partners

We provide quality services for our clients. We are relentless in our pursuit of results

We are responsible for interactions inside the agency & in the community

We do the research & have expert knowledge of laws & issues that impact our clients

We are responsible for our work product


Dignity of Risk

We ask clients for what outcomes they want.

We provide for client choice/self-determination

We apply a client-driven approach to all advocacy services

We ask clients for their most preferred terms & language, & we use those terms & language in our notes & interactions

We assist persons with disabilities to access programs that they qualify for, allow them maximum independence & integration into their community of choice



We understand how our work fits the overall agency & team goals

We offer to help before being asked, (pitch in).

We humbly ask for help when we need it

We give 100% effort

We show up & do what we say we are going to do

We treat our co-workers with respect & honor each other’s individuality

We have a positive outlook



We value diversity-honoring people’s history & experiences

We seek to eliminate cultural & linguistic biases

We are respectful of & acknowledge past trauma

We recognize intersectionality of disability, i.e., race, gender identity, culture, age, sexual identity, sexual orientation & socio-economic status

We are compassionate, empathic & nonjudgmental when working with or on behalf of people with disabilities


Who Do We Help?

Over 200,000 residents of Idaho have disabilities.  DisAbility Rights Idaho receives funds solely to help people with any type of disability. We also address issues that affect all Idahoans with disabilities by working with state agencies,  non-profits, and committees.

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