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It’s Your Life – VOTE!

Elected government officials make decisions every day that change your life. They make laws that define your rights, pass budgets that fund your services, and decide how federal, state and local governments treat citizens like your. Get out and vote like your life defends on it, because it does.

James R. Baugh
Executive Director
DisAbility Rights Idaho

For a registration form, click here: here.


For more information on voting in Idaho contact the Secretary of State's office or go to:

To read DRI's "Self Advocacy Guide to Voting in Idaho" and learn more about understanding and protecting your voting rights, click here: 2016-voting-guide


All registered voters in Idaho have the right to:

Look at a sample ballot.

Vote privately and vote your way without someone telling you how to vote.

Ask for and get help at the polls from a poll worker or someone else you choose.

Vote at an accessible polling site.

Vote if you live in a group home or treatment facility.

Vote if you have a guardian.

DisAbility Rights Idaho can:

Help you register to vote.

Help you locate your polling place.

Help if you have problems accessing the polls on election day due to a disability

Teach you how to use an AutoMARK ballot marking devise.

The same rules apply to everyone.

There are no special tests for people with disabilities to register or vote in Idaho.