ID Transition Forward App

Increase Self-direction and Self-advocacy

DRI has helped develop a transition app to increase self-direction and self-advocacy for all Idaho youth in the transition planning process. We are excited for youth, schools, families, and agencies to begin using this application!
This app is designed to help Idaho students and family members participate in the transition planning process. The questions in the app help students give input into the requirements of the state and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). Individuals residing outside of Idaho may use this free app, but it is recommended that you first check your state laws to ensure the information is applicable.
The information contained in the app is not legal advice. Please contact an attorney in your state if you need specific legal advice for your transition plan.

Access the online version of the app at

Tips on Using the App

How to Use the ID Transition Forward App and your transition plan: This document is intended to provide ideas on how to engage youth in leading their IEP meeting using the Transition app’s student report.

ID Transition Forward App: Tips for Use: Use this tip sheet to generate ideas on how youth can use this application.

Materials to Support App Use

ID Transition Forward App Paper Application: The paper application is intended to be used when technology is not readily available, for youth to complete ahead of time and input information in one sitting, or as an accommodation for the student. The application does not save the student’s information, but a pdf version of the report can be generated and emailed to individuals the student chooses, including teachers, family, and themselves.

Welcome to My Transition Planning Meeting Sample PowerPoint: Students are diverse learners. This sample PowerPoint template can be used along with the lesson plan and transition report to teach your students about transition planning and being their own voice.

ID Transition Forward Sample Student Report: This is a sample of the Student Report that is created once a student has gone through the steps using the ID Transition Forward App.

ID Transition Forward Sample Lesson Plan: The is a sample lesson plan to use in class. It is created for teachers to use in class and share possible best practices for using the app. It guides the teachers on what the student needs to know before filling out their transition app.

Information for families with transition aged youth

ID Transition App Brochure: This brochure can be used to invite youth, family, and schools to use the ID Transition Forward App to share at their IEP meeting.

Transitioning out of High School: This infographic will help you understand what transitioning out of high school is and how the school is supposed to help.