Services Overview

DisAbility Rights Idaho provides advocacy and legal services to people with disabilities.  We do this in many ways, such as:

·         Informing people with disabilities of their rights under the law

·         Providing information, tools and referrals that empower people to advocate for themselves

·         Assisting people in cases where an advocate or legal help may be needed

·         Pursuing policy changes that benefit many people with disabilities

·         Monitoring conditions in public and private facilities

DisAbility Rights Idaho receives more requests for services than we can provide.  DisAbility Rights Idaho must also follow the requirements of the grants it receives to provide services.  To meet both the demand for services and ensure we are in compliance with our mandates, priorities and objectives are approved by the Board of Directors on an annual basis. 

Please note that we cannot provide direct assistance in the following areas:

·         Any issue or problem not directly related to your disability

·         Any issue for a person who already has an attorney working on the same issue

·         Criminal law

·         Divorce

·         Out-of-state issues

·         Worker’s compensation

·         General medical malpractice and personal injury

·         General consumer bankruptcy issues

·         Assistance finding employment, housing or financial assistance

·         Assistance filling out forms and Social Security applications

·         Anything that is not the wish of the person with the disability