Children’s Residential Treatment Facilities – Youth Rights

Youth MOVE Idaho and Disability Rights Idaho have collaborated to create a series of videos to inform youth about their rights to access mental health care. In this video, Madeline, the Youth Programs Coordinator for Youth MOVE Idaho, discusses with Kayla, an attorney from Disability Rights Idaho who is in the youth unit, issues related to Children’s Residential Treatment Facilities (CRTFs).
Specifically they discuss:
1. What is a CRTF?
2. What are the different levels of youth mental health care?
3. Are youth sometimes sent to unsafe or ineffective CRTFs?
4. What are a minor’s rights while in CRTFs?
5. How can a youth report abuse or a rights violation that happens in a CRTF?
6. Resources available for reporting a CRTF for a violation of youth rights or for recovering from such an event.