Parents Opportunity to Impact Policy


Idaho Voices for Children is conducting research into Idaho’s Behavioral Health System, and they want to hear directly from families that have experience interacting with this system. With wait times of up to one year to see a children’s behavioral health specialist, service backlogs, and provider shortages, families across the state are facing multiple barriers when trying to seek the care that their children need.


Your valuable input and experience can help us solve this challenge.


We are conducting focus group sessions with parents who’s children frequently interact with the behavioral health system to ask parents about barriers to accessing care, challenges with being connected to specialists or receiving specialized treatment, and what they think would improve the system. Your answers will provide crucial input that will help us produce policy recommendations to propose to the Idaho legislature, in hope of reducing behavioral health waitlists and increasing access to care for children. We are also offering $50 Amazon gift cards in exchange for providing us with your input and suggestions; the session will last 90 minutes and your answers will remain anonymous. 


For more information or questions about participation, contact Health Policy Research Associate Logan Dennis at

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