Tera’s Story

My name is Tera and I am very grateful that DisAbility Rights Idaho helped me become more independent.  I love my parents, but they were my guardians and made too many decisions for me.  Sometimes they did not let me go even though   the activity was supervised and safe.  I became angry and frustrated with this situation.

Perhaps I needed a guardian when I was young but I have learned new skills and make better decisions now.  I lived in a certified family home for the last six years and had a good job.  I felt that I had  learned to make good choices for myself and no longer needed a guardian.

DRI helped me ask the court to change my guardianship.  My parents finally agreed.  It is wonderful to be in charge of my own life now.  But best of all I just got married!  My parents did not want me to get married before even though they liked my boyfriend.  I am so happy to now be married and living as a family like other people.

I believe I can have a better relationship with my parents now.  I will still ask my parents for advice, but I am much happier now being able to make my own decisions.  I know that I would not have been able to become independent without the help of DisAbility Rights Idaho.

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