Voting in Idaho 2022

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What is Voting?
Voting is a way for adult citizens to make decisions regarding an important issue or to pick someone for an office.

Who Can Vote?
You can vote if: you are a United States Citizen, 18 years old or older, registered to vote, and living in Idaho and the county you reside in at least 30 days before the election.

How Do I Register to Vote?
You can register to vote on Election Day at your polling place. You can also register online at or by filling out a voter registration form from your county clerk. Follow the instructions for completing and submitting the form.

Where Can I Vote?
Everyone who can vote may vote at a polling place on Election Day. You can find your polling place by calling your county clerk or going online at In Idaho, you can also vote by mail by requesting an
absentee ballot. Many counties also have early voting before Election Day. For more information, go to or call your county clerk.

Who Can Help Me Vote?
Anyone you trust! You have the right to have someone help you fill out and submit your ballot. You can also call your county clerk, your local or state independent living center, or DisAbility Rights Idaho at (208) 336-5353 or email at if you need help registering to vote or voting.

When is Election Day?

  • The Primary Election is May 17th
  • The General Election is Nov. 8th
  • County and Local Elections are March 8th and August 30th (For more
    information call your county clerk)

What is the Primary Election?
The Primary Election is when political parties choose which candidates will run in the General Election. If you are part of a political party, you can vote in that party’s Primary Election.

What is the General Election?
The General Election is when voters choose their State and Federal representatives and leaders, as well as any statewide measures.

What are County and Local Elections?
Counties, Cities, School Districts, and other local districts use these elections to appoint local government representatives and leaders, and to try to pass local measures.

Is it Safe to Vote Right Now?
It is a good idea to make a Voting Plan for Election Day, especially during a pandemic.

  1. Register to vote. You can check to see if
    you are registered at:
    You can also register at this website, or at
    your polling place on Election Day if you have
    an Idaho ID.
  2. Decide if you want to vote in person on
    Election Day, in person at an early
    voting place, or by mail.
  3. Decide if you need help voting, and contact
    someone that you trust.
  4. If you will vote in person, plan how you will
    get there, and what you might need to bring
    with you.
  5. If you are voting by mail, request your ballot
    at least 11 days before Election Day.Also, make sure to mail your ballot several business days before Election Day to make sure that it will arrive by Election Day. This publication is funded in part by the Help America Vote Act